The Association strives to create and develop an information environment that provides transparency and information disclosure in the market where qualified and informed customers buy services from qualified and honest professionals.


The Association is a community within which professionals, united by the common standards of business ethics, quality of services, fair competition and cooperation, have the opportunity to exchange information, collaborate, and promote the development of the professional services market.

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The Association is a platform where they can receive up-to-date and complete information about the products, services, their benefits and risks, as well as communicate with qualified professionals, united by common quality standards, information disclosure, integrity, and business ethics.


Caveat Emptor ("Buyer Beware")

Based on the fact that the seller is always more informed about a product than the buyer, we provide deep and comprehensive information not only about the benefits but also about the risks, as well as comprehensive, individual approach to the needs of clients.


The purpose of the integrated approach is to ensure that the client makes a qualified purchase of the exact set of products and services that is necessary for him/her, optimally ensures his/her interests, and the interests of families, partners, heirs.

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Estate planning is a set of actions carried out by the owner to ensure the indisputable, rational and fair transfer of rights to heirs.


Estate planning is a process that requires in-depth analysis and a professional approach. Oftentimes assets that are difficult to manage must be restructured to ensure manageability and inheritance.

Association Objectives

  1. Dissemination of knowledge about estate planning, wealth management, asset structuring, business immigration.

  2. Cooperation of industry professionals in order to exchange information and experience and to extend contacts between professionals from different countries.

  3. Creating an open information platform for professionals and consumers and filling it with relevant and truthful information.

  4. Thematic events: conferences, seminars, round tables, congresses, conventions, etc.

  5. Study and generalization of the practice of providing relevant services in different countries. Publication of articles and studies.

  6. Publication of newsletters, directories and ratings of market professionals.

  7. Assignment of awards and titles to market professionals. Organizing events to award market participants with bonuses and titles.

  8. Other activities aimed at promoting knowledge, developing the industry, and bringing together professionals.

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Property, financial assets, real estate, businesses, shares, securities and other assets require effective management and control.



Our unique integrated approach to wealth management allows for effective management and control as well as an understanding of all portfolio risks in order to increase investment profitability and reliability.

Making Notes
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Business immigration implies moving, opening or buying a business in another country, which provides the basis for obtaining a residence permit there. A number of countries provide an opportunity for people from all over the world to participate in investment programs.



Business immigration is an opportunity to provide a safe life for families and children, work in market conditions, and safeguard capital in reliable banks without fear of economic upheavals.

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