Edvard Hannolainen

Master of Science (Technology)


Director of BCOL OY Business Consulting Company, Finland


+358 44 7221066


Edvard Hannolainen is a director of BCOL OY Business Consulting Company since 2008. He has extensive experience in managing business projects in Finland and in dealing with complex issues in all business and immigration sectors.


Mr Hannolainen is an external consultant at various legal and consulting companies in Finland, Russia and other countries.


  • Business planning, adjustment and optimization of business activities. Corporate governance.

  • Business immigration support.

  • Real estate and property management issues in Finland.

  • Legal services for businesses and individuals in Finland.

  • Foreign economic activity and international transactions. Logistics and supplying of goods.

  • Construction services.


Total work experience in the specialty and in the field of consulting for more than 20 years.