Address of the President of WealthInterPro - International Association of Estate Planning, Wealth Management and Business Immigration Professionals


Anton Andreyev, Attorney at Law

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Dear colleagues!


In order to improve their standards and quality and ensure fair competition and productive cooperation between participants in the ever-changing market of products and services for wealthy customers, the International Association WealthInterPro established the Global Partnership and Business Conduct Network Special Program.

The goal of the Program is to create an informational and business environment in which market professionals, united by common rules of business ethics and fair competition, can safely and productively collaborate and exchange information for their benefit, developing and improving the quality of products and services. In their term, consumers can receive relevant, true and comprehensive information about products and services, their pros and cons, risks and benefits.

Thanks to our joint efforts, membership in the Global Partnership and Business Conduct Network will be a sign of impeccable quality and concern for the interests and needs of customers, a sign of belonging to a community of professionals with a reliable reputation; a sign of SUSTAINABILITY – balance, steadiness and stability, under which the services and products of honest and qualified professionals are offered to well-informed and qualified consumers.

Any of you can join us, who share the values of good business practice and ethics stated in the Code of Business Conduct and Special Program Administration Guide of the Global Partnership and Business Conduct Network.

We value the professionalism and competence of each participant of the Program and draw your attention to the fact that the current version of the Code, developed by my colleagues and me, is waiting for your participation in its development and improvement until the end of 2020. You may submit proposals for amending the Code and improving the Program by December 25, 2020.

I have the honour to invite each of you to join the Global Partnership and Business Conduct Network Special Program and I will be happy to answer your questions and personally discuss the terms for participating in our program.

Global Partnership and Business Conduct Network — we combine the best under the sign of SUSTAINABILITY.


President of WealthInterPro

Anton Andreyev, Attorney at Law